10 Laws Of Gratitude - That Will Bring Abundance To Your Life

10 Laws Of Gratitude - That Will Bring Abundance To Your Life

“Be grateful for what you have… count your blessings”. We have heard this time and again from our elders and well-wishers. But we often turn a deaf ear to everyone. In this article we discuss the less known laws of gratitude, when practiced regularly will bring abundance to your life.

But before discussing the laws of gratitude, Lets understand, that being grateful is more than just saying “thank you”. You must have the feeling of gratitude in your heart, mind, and soul. The admiration for kindness, beauty and intellect must come wholeheartedly. When you live by the attitude of gratitude, you will get more things in your life to be grateful for.
For that, you have to be grateful not just after receiving or manifesting what you want, but before receiving gifts or manifesting or events before they occurred in reality. Be grateful even when you don’t have that dream job, desired money, good health, positive environment or caring partner.

By doing so our cells, tissue and DNA rearrange themselves with gratitude. It creates a magical attraction, you start finding peace and happiness even before you expect it. Lets summaries this… gratitude is your magic lamp and when you use it as a force of creation in the universe by being grateful for everything you have and don’t have, that’s when the universe starts making things happen for you. That’s how you start to attract abundance to your life. It’s that simple.

Without rearranging too much of your life, here are ten laws of gratitude that will change your life.

1. Being happy won’t always make you grateful, but being grateful will always make you happy:
It’s really difficult to appreciate anything whilst looking down upon it at the same time. If the present state reflects your happiness quotient, it doesn’t signify that you won’t desire more in the forthcoming days. The best approach is to stay calm and wait for things to happen rather than making them happen.

2. The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for:
It’s better to be grateful for what we have if we want to have more in the future. This isn’t luck but a surprise for our gratification.

3. Gratitude fosters true forgiveness:
When we say ‘thank you’ in response to any action/behavior, our approach is somewhat shallow. However, when it’s coupled with gratitude something different happens as our experience gets an added dimension. A sense of gratitude not just includes your experience and present state but also encompasses the future while creating a positive vision. This is necessary if we want to move ahead after a setback.

4. Gratitude is all-inclusive:
You may have heard our elders saying that good days are the marker of your happiness while bad days give you new perspectives to explore. You need to be grateful for everything that has played a significant role in your life and more importantly, in your development as a ‘human being’. Be grateful for your growth.

5. Be thankful for your limitations because it gives you the opportunity to learn:
It’s because we are bound by constraints, we realize our capabilities and limitations. These constraints ignite the learner in us with the hope of achieving a significant milestone.

6. Be thankful for your mistakes as it teaches you unforgettable lessons:
“Failures are the pillars of success” and it is rightly so as we learn from them. Even if we succeed in something with several loopholes in our attempt, chances are high for the next venture to be a disaster.
7. A grateful mind never takes things for granted:
Gratitude is the fine thread that separates privilege from prerogative. Who knows that the person you don’t want today might be the chief cornerstone in the future? So, rather not underestimate anyone and cherish the time with them.

8. What you have to be grateful for in the present changes:
We often show a blind eye to our present, our state of mind, our peace, our achievements and we constantly crave more. Once a desire is fulfilled we move on to the next not showing gratitude to the desire we have just accomplished. Yet we don’t know our future, therefore being grateful for what we have in our present would give us peace of mind. We are not guaranteed of life but the blessings from the Almighty we are guaranteed of.

9. Gratitude can turn something negative into a positive:
Yes, that’s correct, No it’s not magic but a sense of gratitude teaches positive feelings. You might consider the present circumstances as a roadblock or a hurdle without knowing that these hindrances may assist you in the coming days. Remaining positive is not always easy, but not allowing the negativity to dampen your gratitude will certainly go a long way.

10. Be thankful for each new challenge as it builds your strength and character:
Challenges come in our lives knowingly or unknowingly. Whatever it is, these obstacles are temporary and will vanish after a certain period. The way you are dealing with it reflects your strength and character which would have been unexplored if these troubles didn’t occur.

Food for thought….

For finding joys in life’s simplest pleasures, having a sense of gratitude is essential. After reading this article, you may feel that it’s exactly the same as what your elders have taught you whilst growing up. Those memories have deep meaning; have a look at the sky, the trees, feel the breeze on your skin, the wind in your hair be grateful that you have yet another day to experience all the small joys that can make a big difference in your life.
Lastly, spice up your life in your own unique way with the laws of gratitude, welcome the change and abundance in your life.

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