Middleburg/Hendrina: The Middelburg and Hendrina Resident’s Front (MHRF) is informing residents of Middelburg and Hendrina, mainly its members and supporters, that it has now been fully registered organization with the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), said organization Publicity Secretary, Thato Mathunyane.

The civic organization was formed last year with the aim to fight for basic rights of residents from Hendrina to Middleburg. After its formal launching on 31 October 2020, MHRF drew a number of members across the political spectrum following an extensive community consultation.

According to Mathunyane, the community based civic organization is not affiliated with any political party and will be contesting elections to fight for the interests of residents from Middleburg to Hendrina.

He said the organization will focus strongly on community development and is currently being coordinated by individuals with myriad of political and civic experience and have led in various capacities for years.

“This registration means that the residents front is fully ready to contest the oncoming local government elections due in August this year and we believe we will be equal to the task,” Mathunyane highlighted.

He indicated that over the past few years, the level of municipal services in Middelburg have deteriorated drastically and it is therefore necessary that urgent corrective measures are taken to avoid a total collapse.

“The ANC has dismally failed to produce a capable leadership for this municipality as seen by the quality of councillors and mayoral committee members, that has been put forward to lead this institution,” he said.

According to Mathunyane, as a result, political decision making has shifted from the council to the REC of the ANC which now takes all major decisions from employment to the allocation of contracts and tenders.

“This has led to the unacceptable situation where all senior and middle management positions in this municipality are occupied by people who don’t reside in this town. We believe that this situation can only be corrected by ensuring that a body like the MHRF, which represents the residents, is in charge. Our decision to contest the oncoming elections is aimed at exactly that,” he said.

MHRF Publicity Secretary, Thato Mathunyane, announced that the civic organization has registered with IEC and will be contesting the 2021 elections
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  1. Steve Tshwete has failed us..mostpeople who are working at the municipality with higher pisitions are not children of the residents of this town.Our children are unemployed with higher education
    qualificatiins.they keep on applying worse they are not even shortlisted because they don’t know any one at the municipality.This issue needs serious attention as if children of this township are not educated.they have same qualifications as the outsiders

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