LTA Unveils Winter Packages For Tourists. Picture Credit: KNP

Phalaborwa: Mopani Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park was a hive of activity on Friday  when then the Board Chairperson of Limpopo Tourism Agency launched the Winter Campaign. The hot weather on the day, clearly resonated with the launch that emphasizes the narrative that Limpopo Winters are warmer. This is because Limpopo is one of the warmest regions in South Africa with an average of daily high temperature of 26 degrees.
The media attending the launch, was taken on a familiarisation trip of the park after the launch to showcase what is on offer as people visit its different sites including the game drive that was undertaken after the launch. Other sites visited included the Tropic of Capricorn, Elephant Museum at Letaba Rest Camp and Masorini Heritage Site towards the Phalaborwa gate.
This is the first campaign the Agency conducts without COVID-19 restrictions, which will in fact be a test of strength for the destination during this generally low season on the tourism calendar. The CEO of LTA, Mr. Moses Ngobeni, said, “We are confident this campaign will yield positive results as this is the time when most people plan holiday trips for the winter vacation and we are hopeful Limpopo will during this so-called low season in tourism, will be the first choice given its warm temperatures in winter”.
During his address, the Board Chairperson, Mr. Andrew Dipela, said, “The only tourism statistics that will be used from now henceforth to determine the numbers in the all the provinces of the country, will be those from Statistics South Africa, which, shares data with Government in term of planning for all the programmes in supporting service delivery. We are proud and happy to say that as part of the report on statistics that we received recently, which I think you as product owners should be happy about, that your province, Limpopo, is still within the top three provinces leading in terms of domestic tourism”.
Dipela further said, “We are also launching this campaign here as part of reclaiming the Kruger National Park, whose 70% resides in Limpopo Province, while 30% is in Mpumalanga. We accept that we are one country, and we are working closely with Mpumalanga as they have more gates, but we are saying there are other access points people can use from Limpopo side to enjoy what the province has to offer especially doing activities that you would ordinarily do in summer because of the warm winter temperatures in the province. we are also saying that all our activities should be buttressed by culture and heritage that are very strong in our province given many diverse cultures found in the province. We are no more going to promote regions, but we will develop routes that we will utilize to promote the province”.
The launch was also graced by the attendance of the Board Chairperson of Mpumalanga Tourism and Park Agency Board, Mr. Victor Mashego and he raised concerns about concessionaires in respect of the nature reserves that were transferred to Mpumalanga Government with long term leases. He said that the issue should be fixed. According to Mashego, the Minster of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Ms. Barbara Greecy, should provide the upcoming and African entrepreneurs with game to grow their businesses.
Various packages were unveiled for tourists to enjoy this winter and the Agency plans to flight them on its website and social media platforms that people can visit for more information.
Winter Campaign is one of the four seasonal campaigns to promote Limpopo as a viable tourist destination both locally (South Africa) and the rest of the world making it top of mind and memorable for tourists and holiday makers. With so much on offer, Limpopo is a destination unlike any other in the country and the world over as it is diverse, attractive and safe for travellers.


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