on the left hand side is Manala Bhella’s mother Ntombifuthi Manala, in the middle is Ratsela Kamogelo Nqobile and next to her it’s Principal Saya Mahlangu and the last one is Lubisi Thandeka Picture Credit: Emmanuel Mthimunye.

By Emmanuel Mthimunye

Buhlebuzile: Ikosi -Yesigodi Magodongo MS Mahlangu demonstrated an age old adage that says it takes a village to raise a child, and he also demonstrated his parental love for his community when he hosted top achievers awards for 2022 matriculants from Musi Secondary School last week Friday.  Ikosi Magodonga said it was always his dream to give back to the community, therefore he saw the opportunity of investing in to the education of the learners of his village and other surrounding areas because they are the most under developed .

“I always wanted to do something good for my community because I want to our children to succeed in life in order for them not to be lured into the lifestyle of substance abuse or other things that could impact their lives negatively Therefore I saw the opportunity of investing in our children’s education as a great stepping stone of breaking the circle of poverty in Kwa- Ndebele. This initiative is not going to focus on the people of Kwa-Mhlanga only, because I’m targeting on spreading my wings to the whole of Kwa-Ndebele, therefore I have spoken to other chiefs and business people to invest on this initiative so that we can develop Kwa-Ndebele and improve the standard of living in our settlements,” said Ikosi Magodongo

Ikosi Magodongo further said that he wants to be known beyond someone who is good at  leading initiation schools, he want broader involvement in community issues, “I’m glad that my dream of paving a better future for the children of Buhlebuzile is being fulfilled, it is very sad to see a child being unable to further his/her studies because of financial problems therefore I hope that these prizes are going to advance more in developing and structuring a better future of our children. As the Royal family we want to be known as trailblazers of development in our communities not just for leading initiation schools,” said Ikosi Magodongo.

This is not the first time King Magodongo gives back to the community, last year on Mandela day he donated shoes to the pupils of Siyaphambili Primary School in Buhlebuzile.  Ikosi Magodongo says the Ndzundza Mtshabi Traditional Council and Royal Family is on the mission of developing Kwa- Ndebele, therefore they are planning on raising funds to open workshops for skills development, for Basic Technical Skills such as carpentry, welding, plumbing and other means of developing Kwa- Ndebele Magodongo added that this is their way of fighting the unemployment .

The Principal of Musi Secondary School, Mr Saya Mahlangu was overwhelmed by emotions tears were rolling down his face as Ndzundza Mtshabi Traditional Council and Royal Family announced the prizes that were given to the Top three (3) of learners at his school.

“I wasn’t expecting what the Ndzundza Mtshabi Traditional Council and Royal Family did to our school, usually the donations that we receive are sanitary pets and school shoes, but this time around I was surprised and delightful by this massive prize giving initiative, we all know that finance is the main is the stumbling block for children to further their studies , but this time around Ikosi Magodongo and his team they have managed to give financial support to our children. I hope that our learners are going to use this opportunity wisely and I wish them all the best in furthering their studies, I also pray that God blesses the Ndzundza Mtshabi Traditional Council and Royal Family as well as the other sponsors that took part in this initiative,” said Mahlangu.

Top achiever was Thandeka Lubisi

(19) who who obtained three (3) distinctions in Life sciences, Physical sciences and isiNdebele said she praised God for giving her strength to persist against all odds

“I’m very happy I can’t believe that my dream of studying physiotherapy is finally happening, I’m going to register with the University Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN) with the money that the Ndzundza Mtshabi Traditional Council and Royal Family have blessed me with. I’m now stress-free because I know that I’m going to study what I love,” said Lubisi.‍

The first top pupil Thandeka Lubisi was Give R5000, the Second one, Manala Bhella was given R3000 and the last one, Ratsela Kamogelo Nqobile was given R1500, these prizes came as the way of acknowledging and empowering all the learners of Musi Secondary School.

From left to right HRH iKosi-yesigodi Magodongo MS Mahlangu, HRH Princess A Mashilo, Her Excellency Dr Thuliswa Ntuli guest speaker, HRH Princess Z Madihlaba and Mr J “Mawaza” Kabini comedian who was the MC for the ceremony. Picture Credit: Emmanuel Mthimunye



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  1. Such an inspiration. Well done to the learners and their teachers.

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