By Sekgale Mothogoane

If you are reading this then you still alive, good shot! This means you still have an opportunity to live the life you hoped for. This shows that you have a choice on which directions you heading to or chosen, don’t be doomed every person has a choice. At some point, the sickness of the majority is that we hardly appreciate and introspect how we behave and or treat other people. When you still breathing you can transcribe your own autobiography. You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. This is the thing that people you leave behind in this world will remember you by. Its either you want to be remembered as a well-mannered, strong gentleman or gentlewoman, or to be remembered otherwise. To be remembered as a fraudster or someone who hated the truth, a person who mistreat fellow people. Some people lived like saints only to find out after death that they were fake, some people lived like fakes only to find out after death that they are saints.
Remember that the cross Jesus was crucified on has two sides, pole from left to right and up to the bottom. A pole from up to the bottom symbolize a relationship between you and God, and the other symbolize a relationship between you and other people, the mid cross that where Christ died for our sins. All these connect dots and link to the most vital starting and ending points in life called relationships. The best and great relationship must be with God your creator, most successful people have mastered the art of maintaining a good relationship with everyone regardless of their personal feelings and respect for the surroundings or environment. God will rate your heart based on how you treat those around you, and you will draw the positive energy such as wisdom, love and peace from God. Mother Theresa said “Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them (people who wronged you) anyway.”
Now if you want to leave a legacy of being a wonderful father, mother, sister, brother, wife or husband the right time to that is now, get along with everyone in your family, provide solutions to problems, don’t give hatred a chance in your heart and don’t take sides in any conflict. The relationships go hands in hands with the purpose that everyone uniquely possesses given by the universe. Remember everyone’s purpose has something to do with the next person or touch the lives of the next person. The purpose is more like giving light to another candle without losing your light. Through the journey of life, we are all in a mission to fulfil the purpose of God, either unaware or fortunately aware. “At the moment of death, we will not be judged according to the number of good deeds we have done or by the diplomas we have received in our lifetime. We will be judged according to the love we have put into our work.” ― Mother Teresa
Those dreams and the hustle you push, the ideas come from God. Your purpose links you with other people, and the fulfilments would have an impact on the world. If your purpose is to plant a tree, you are helping the next generation in 5 or more years to come who are going to sit under the tree for shade, reap the fruits or use the tree for fire, paper, herbs, build houses, provide oxygen, for birds’ nests and bees, honey, etc. You see how things are linked up in the universe. The tree either need water from human or natural. If the tree in planted in the yard and the roots damage the foundation of the house like many other trees we know, then that the tree meant to be in the veld. We cut the tree and destroy the roots. Not because the tree is not good, but it was planted at the wrong place. This is similar to our lives, relationships, and behavior. Are you doing what God needs you to do? Or you one of the trees planted at the wrong places? Destroying the lives of innocent people or you are being fruitful. For example, giving someone a lift on the road you not only helping the person asking for a lift, but you are also building a relationship skill to communicate with strangers, you might learn or teach one or two during the conversation on the road, you might help someone who supposed to commit suicide. The relationship is the principle that governs everything, thus nature transforms continuously.
When God asked Moses to go and save Israelites form Egyptians, Moses complained about not being able to speak proper, because it was his purpose God said to Moses that I will send your brother Aaron to assist you as a faithful companion. He never said because Moses can’t speak properly he can just choose his brother to complete the task. Moses was chosen, God provided a helping hand. The relationship between Moses and his brother benefited the situation. The purpose is all about the passion and thirst to do things that make your heart fulfilled, most people say it is a hobby, but what I am talking about its more than a hobby. The hobby is something you do just for fun, it doesn’t really have a huge impact on fellow people. Jack Canfield said: “It took a lot of years for me to get to this point, because I grew up very much with this idea that there was something I was supposed to do, and if I wasn’t doing it, God wouldn’t be happy with me” When I was writing this I have something in my heart that this must be said and will reach some ears that will appreciate or want to do good regardless of how the wicket the world is or turning to be.
The story of your life is based on how you live life, what inspiration did you give to people, how you act and have an impact on other people’s life.
The fact that you still alive you are reading this. The fact that you are still alive is time to align your life to live your purpose, relationships, and behavior, and by default, a brilliant legacy will reach those stayed behind when the time comes. Be like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever you do will prospers. For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.

Levy Sekgale Mothogoane is a Cost Engineer and Social Media Commentator.He writes  in his personal capacity.


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  1. My brother, I enjoy eating your word. This word becomes revival to my live. It seems as if I was dead and now I am awaken. I am now alive. iI’ll start making new positive relationships which would be benefiting to all my brothers and sisters on the world . because we are from one family, Heavenly Father God. May God make my relationships to be sweet like the waters of the living tributary of River. That waters all the living creatures; plants and animals. Let me provide life to ” all” so that I may be the tree that has been planted away from the houses . I dont want to crack the houses, the lives of others. I dont want to ruin the lives of other people but it just happened. Please sent me your message s so that I would be spiritually revived.

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