Mayor of Makhuduthamaga Cllr Minah Bahula was amongst the first patrons of Shoprite at Ratsoma Shopping Complex when it opens its doors for business today. Picture Credit: MLM

By Staff Reporter

Property Developer Edwin Ratsoma has re-pened the popular Ratsoma Shopping Complex in Magnet Heights, the complex became popular in the late 1980s because of its promotional advert which was a regular feature on the then Radio Lebowa now Thobela FM. The complex was reopened under this theme “transforming the rural economic landscape”, the renewed Ratsoma Shopping Complex at Ga Mogashoa- Magnet Heights, present a great opportunity for sustainable livelihoods in communities and also aims to make notable headway in addressing unemployment as well as respond to the government’s clarion call for businesses to spearhead rural economic strategy.

The Ratsoma Shopping Complex was officially opened by the Premier of Limpopo, Stanley Chupu Mathabatha today. The Premier, alongside the Mayor of Makhuduthamaga Cllr Minah Bahula, several leaders and local Magoshi, collectively extended words of appreciation to the businessman, Edwin Ratsoma for transforming rural communities over the years as well as his entrepreneurial love for infrastructure investment development. They say this will have a long lasting economic impact at Ga – Mogashoa and the surrounding areas.

The Shopping Complex which has about 14 shops, with Shoprite as one of the big brands amongst its tenants, is on track to thrive and ultimately deliver rural communities from the chains of poverty.

The Hon Mayor Cllr Bahula urged communities to work together with government and also “protect and jealously safeguard this infrastructure for the benefit of everyone. This investment will surely stimulate and enhance employment and also attract more investment in our municipality so that our people can now have something to put on the table and sustain their socio-econmic status”.

Ratsoma Shopping Complex is just under a kilometer from Tshehlwaneng Shopping Complex which was also recently opened.



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