5 Mystiqcal Meditation Mantras That Will Raise Your Vibrations

5 Mystiqcal Meditation Mantras That Will Raise Your Vibrations

Mantras are like lotus flowers that blossom from the depths of our minds, and boom into the purity of being.
For years all throughout the ages, mantras have been used to quiet the mind, experience inner peace, encourage the development of qualities like empathy, and familiarity “God.”

Although mantras are simple words and sounds repeated over and over again, are enormously powerful in its ability to raise our awareness. These words and sounds are not only a manifestation of energy vibrating on different frequencies; they are also carrying with them centuries of meaning.

By welcoming the influence of meditation mantras into your life, it would be wise to acknowledge the need or reason for the mantra.


We all are different and special in our own ways, therefore, when choosing a mantra it is important to choose a mantra that appeals to us personally. Here is a list of well known mantras and their meanings.
Choose one that resonates with you on a more deeper level on that connects with your subconscious or unconscious mind.
We would recommend experimenting with different meditation mantras.
Don’t feel obligated to choose a mantra from a different language, except if you resonate with it. In fact, creating your own mantra would be more powerful than any other as this would be your purest desire.

1. OM
“Om” the first sound, the birth of all sounds, the sound of the universe (432 Hertz). This beautiful sound could be used in one of two ways, before any mantra or alone. The constant chant of this word itself brings purification and clarity to the mind, it helps one to focus.

An ancient Tibetan Buddhists mantra to invoke Avalokitesvara also known as the “One who looks with unwavering eye”, the Bodhisattva incarnation of compassion. Therefore, this chant means to “Hail the jewel in the lotus” but it has been interpreted in the following way:
Om – This sound purifies pride
Ma – Purifies jealousy and the need for stimulation
Ni – Purifies passion and desire
Pad – Purifies ignorance and prejudice
Me – Purifies possessiveness
Hum – Purifies hatred
The above mantra is a summary of Buddha principles.

The Hindu mantra translates to, “May all beings be happy. May all my thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to the happiness of all beings.” This mantra reminds us of our binding connection with all of life, and encourages us to open our hearts to love, compassion understanding, for others.

Chanting the name of a God/ /Source is yet another powerful meditation mantra. Choose a name that resonates with you and sit with it in silence, repeat the name in your mind or out loud. Allowing the syllables to vibrate through you and fill your mind, heart and soul with meaning, power and awareness.

Ham and Sa translates to “I am that,” i.e. identifying oneself with the universe. Hence, reaffirms our conscious existence and infinite state of complete Being. Whilst breathing in say “ham” (affirms your “I am-ness”) and breath out saying “sa” (connecting the gap between self and other, creating wholeness).

Thoughts to consider:

1. Choose a meditation chant that’s short and sweet (you will remember it).
2. Choose words that having meaning to you personally.
3. When choosing a mantra ensure that it is done with a clear and positive frame of mind this helps the unconscious or sub-conscious mind process it
4. Repetition is key – Repeat which ever mantra you have chosen as often as possible. Many give up after a few days of practice expecting a huge materialistic change to happen almost instantly. One should remember that a habit changes after 21 days and thus when something is good for your higher self and your well being it takes time for its effects to take place.
5. Start off slowly, meditate for 15 minutes a day, every day and you will see a change. People around you will see a change. You will feel the change.

It all starts with you!

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